People Around the World

One of my favorite things to photograph are people. Everyone has their own stories and experiences. There's something so beautiful in the fact that we are all so diverse and unique. 
Although it would take time to get to know someone, photography allows you to unexplainably understand someone from just their portraits. 

Rinyel | Philippines
Lovely Grace | Philippines
Kayla | Philippines
Neighbors, but family | Philippines
Accidentally Perfect | Philippines
The Gang | Philippines
Local Farmer | South Korea
Local Farmer | South Korea.
Local Farmer | South Korea
Kids being kids | Malaysia
Vendor | Malaysia
Happy Stitching | Malaysia
Markets Playground | Malaysia
Gossip | Malaysia
Our Block | Malaysia
Traveling Monks | Laos
Shy | Laos
Stare | Laos
Motherly Love | Laos
Selling Karma | Laos
Monks Sightseeing | Laos
Waiting for Lunch Time | Laos
Innocent Eyes | Laos
Fisherman | Laos
Bu Van | Laos
Daily Chores | Laos
Grandma Love | Laos
Future Teacher | Laos
Monks Offer Blessing | Laos
Monks taking a break | Laos
Little Joys in Life | Laos