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Farm Life - South Korea

I was asked to help photograph and document these local farmers. 
The purpose of this project was to promote eating healthy and eating together. The photographs was to show  the dedication of these hardworking individuals. 

Farmer -  AN Jeong Hwa

Jeong Hwa used to live in the bustling city of Seoul. She moved to the farms with her husband in search of a more peaceful and healthier lifestyle.

Maintaining your food.

Local farmer sits out on the fields after lunch to trim the weeds.

Our Farm.

3 Local farmers working on the fields in South Korea.

Straight from the earth.

"Society and companies have led us to believe that cucumbers are green and perfectly shaped. However, this is what fresh cucumber can actually look like as well. These cucumbers have the same nutrients, just as delicious and organic." - Jeong Hwa


Fruits and vegetables grown here are 100% organic. There are no pesticides or GMOs in play here.

Personalized Farmer Hat

Seoung Jae decorates her hat.

Dusk till dawn.

Maintaining a farm, especially by hand requires a lot of work. But the payout and harvest season reminds them of how every hour spent was worthwhile.

Attention to Details.

One of the most tedious jobs they face are finding bugs and insects that eat their crops. But they perfer doing this, then having pesticide on their foods.

The perfect environment.

From start to finish, everything is completed by hands. Here, this farmer carefully packs the soil. They refuse to use machines, as the soil loses a lot of its nutrients.

As fresh as it gets.

This fresh tomato was plucked a few moments later and went straight to their dinner plates.

Tools of life.

Everything on the farm has been created and maintained with their hands only.

Looking for snails.

Farmers here are looking after their crops by handpicking out the bugs and insects.

Our Farm pt.2

Watching them work, you could see how much effort they put into it, but at the same time, how rewarding it is for them.

Work Hard Eat Well.

jfkdl looking after the crops they've been growing all year.

Final Checks

Taken right before they ate dinner. Just a routine final check on all the fruits and vegetables to see how they're doing.

Hard work pays off.

Farmer Yoo Seoung Jae proudly shows off one of the bigger cucumbers that they managed to grow.

Professor Kim

One of the farmers, Kim Hyeon Sook is actually professor, teaching food science at University. She dedicates her time to try to influence people to eat healthy and organic.

Our Farm pt.3

This farm is maintained by these 3 ladies. They've been running the farm for over 2 years. They shared that it started from a hobby to now, a passion.


I took this photo to illustrate how hard-work could also be peaceful and serene.


Farmer Seoung Jae looks for some dinner ingredients.

The Farm Life

There's definitely something special about growing your own food. You know exactly where it came from and it is 100% natural.

The tools you need.

One thing I admired about the farmers was how much they used their hands. The dirt stained fingers reminds you that food isn't easy to come by.

Taste the hard work.

How delicious the food is all comes down to how hard you worked to nurture it.

Wash up for supper.

Seoung Jae's husband ends the day by cleaning all the tools he'd used to maintain the land.


At the farm, you could spend hours getting lost in the beauty of even the tiniest flowers. It's unfortunate that people don't take the time to admire how pretty nature is anymore.

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